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From the cradle of civilization,

Avanos / Turkey

ILKTAS Madencilik is located in Avanos district of Nevşehir/Turkey  and started to operate in natural stone sector in 2010.

The Antico Onyx Travertine which has unique feature is reserved only in this area and Ilktas Madencilik has the only quarry that extracts the Antico Onyx Travertine in Turkey.

For millions of the years, the mighty volcanoes of the central Anatolian plateau erupted and borne out from their contents across the land that would become the cradle of civilization.

Our mission is to quarry, process and market these hidden stone of history, through all over the world with at most quality and precision.

Our product lines are produced in a wide variety of specialized surface finishes and products are presented to domestic and foreign customers with highest quality. The Antico Onyx Travertine gained popularity creating antique atmosphere with its aesthetic and decorative appearance and we are exporting our products to  a number of countries, mainly U.S.A. and EU countries. We export nearly 95% of our products to abroad.


natural stone

Anticoonyx marble of Cappadocia region; with the appearance of natural stone, which is formed in millions of years. Turkey is rare in the world are adding value to the content with Onyx marble sector is provided in size and features you want.